Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh, I'm not ready for this

Oh, non-existent blog readers, I am in a tizzy. My youngest son, 6, has decided he wants to play pee-wee tackle football. My husband supports this and I guess I do too in theory, but TACKLE football? For 5 & 6 year olds? What happened to the little velcro flag belts we used to wear to play powder-puff football with in P.E.? And more importantly, what happened to my baby? Wasn't I just giving birth to him? *Sniff*

And the practice schedule (M, T, TR & F) suggests that the coaches are taking this *very* seriously. These games do not have any BCS implications so there is clearly no need for 4 practices a week, in my humble opinion.

But, on the upside - I have learned there will be a personal trainer there to do workouts with the moms during the 2 hours practices. So maybe I'll have nice, firm abs at the end of the season. And hopefully a 6 year old with all his bones intact.


  1. Stephanie, he is adorable! What a cutie pie in his helmet. I need to adopt a child if they are throwing in a trainer for two hours while the boys play football. Of course I would probably be in traction afterwards. ;-)



  2. My Sheila! My only blog reader! I should just address all the post directly to you! ;-) And as far as the workouts - I practically was in traction after the first. The second, I only threw up. Progress! ;-) xoxo