Saturday, August 15, 2009

My beloved Cuban Sandwich

Every Saturday my DH runs up to the local Cuban cafeteria and brings home these insane sandwiches that every good Floridian knows and loves. And it must (and more importantly, ONLY) be made of:

1. Cuban bread (don't get fancy and use French - it *must* be Cuban)

2. Roast pork

3. Ham

4. Swiss cheese

5. Mustard

6. Pickles

Then heated and pressed within an inch of its life. Yummmmmmy! Did I mention I love Saturdays?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh, I'm not ready for this

Oh, non-existent blog readers, I am in a tizzy. My youngest son, 6, has decided he wants to play pee-wee tackle football. My husband supports this and I guess I do too in theory, but TACKLE football? For 5 & 6 year olds? What happened to the little velcro flag belts we used to wear to play powder-puff football with in P.E.? And more importantly, what happened to my baby? Wasn't I just giving birth to him? *Sniff*

And the practice schedule (M, T, TR & F) suggests that the coaches are taking this *very* seriously. These games do not have any BCS implications so there is clearly no need for 4 practices a week, in my humble opinion.

But, on the upside - I have learned there will be a personal trainer there to do workouts with the moms during the 2 hours practices. So maybe I'll have nice, firm abs at the end of the season. And hopefully a 6 year old with all his bones intact.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why blog?

Well, for one thing. I have a lot to say. To no one in particular. And my 3 year old just doesn't care to hear it. And my 9 year old daughter has discovered "privacy" and she is . . . well, she's busy in her room picking up pithy dialogue from Disney Channel to zing me with at a later date. So she's no fun. And my 6 & 7 year old boys? If it doesn't fart, turn into a robot or live in the dirt - they aren't interested.

So I'm Stephanie. I'm scaring the poop out of 40 as they say. I've been "housewifing" for 10 years and this is my blog.